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Top 5 Games that Deserve to be Remade or Remastered

Everyone loves the classics, but with some games approaching their 30s, it is becoming more and more difficult to play the aging games that we all love. Some of them could simply use a fresh coat of paint, while others may need to be completely reforged from the ground up. This is my list of the top five games that deserve to be remade or remastered.


Overlord II, the 2009 sequel to the game Overlord, places the player in control of an evil lord, who has control over creatures known as Minions. The game immediately follows the first title, with the new Overlord replacing his father and attempting to defeat the roman-esque Glorious Empire who has invaded the new lands following the defeat of the previous Overlord.

While the gameplay is highly similar to the original title, Overlord II introduces new pieces to the puzzle, such as mounts for minions and the ability to take direct control of your strongest living minion with the Possession Stone. The game, which received fairly credible reviews, only managed to improve on things the original provided. Because of this, I believe that Overlord II is more deserving of a remaster than the original, and may repair damage that was done by the disastrous release of a spinoff to the series, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, in 2015.


Metal Gear Solid is one of the most famous games of all time, and a ripe choice to be remastered. In fact, Reddit user oxide-NL created a modern update of the game, known as Metal Gear Solid 1 Integral, which runs on PC. While this release is excellent, and shows the desire for a working, remastered version of the original title, Integral is just a proof of concept, if anything.

Metal Gear Solid deserves to be remastered, maybe even completely redone with the graphical quality of games like Metal Gear Solid V, Kojima’s final title in the series. This is one of the least likely future releases on this list, tragically, since Kojima’s firing from Konami prior to the release of Metal Gear Survive. And if you don’t know what that is, it’s a spin-off title which was met with a large amount of contempt, as it was not only an asset flip of the successful MGSV, but it also was part of the zombie crafting/survival genre, which had fallen in popularity at the time of release.


If it is unlikely that Metal Gear Solid will be remade, it is next to impossible that Fallout 2 will ever see the light of day outside of its isometric role playing game format.

This is one title on the list which would be served by a complete remake, as the Fallout franchise has shifted from a top-down isometric game to a first-person RPG akin to Bethesda’s other major RPG series, Elder Scrolls. With this in mind, people have been suggesting for years that Bethesda recreate Fallout 2 in the style of the modern Fallout games, but the task may be too much to handle.  Modders have attempted to recreate the early titles time and time again within the Fallout: New Vegas engine. This is due to the fact that F:NV, stylistically, is the closest to the early Fallout games, as it is the only one of the modern titles to be set out in the west, featuring the New  California Republic and many other callbacks to the original titles.

While Fallout 2 being remade is almost certainly never going to happen, it is good to dream.


On a different note, a game which has a much better likelihood of being remastered in a new engine is Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Often considered the pinnacle of the earlier Elder Scrolls titles, Morrowind is a title highly deserving of remastery above all others. Of course, with remastering the title would come the release of Morrowind’s two DLC packs, Tribunal and  Bloodmoon, which were, like the base game, praised. Bloodmoon would be the most familiar to modern Elder Scrolls fans, as it takes place on the island of Solstheim. Solstheim was reintroduced to fans in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC pack Dragonborn, which had players returning to the island to defeat an ancient heretical dragon priest who was ravaging the land after the return of the dragons in the base Skyrim game. This is one of the reasons that Morrowind has a good chance of being remastered, as some assets that are needed in the game have already been re-created and updated as a part of the Dragonborn DLC.


One of the highest-rated video games of all time, often considered the pinnacle of the pro skater franchise, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Remastered could be what it takes to redeem whatever hopes the franchise’s fans had of a happy ending after the tragic release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, which was a barely playable mess that received absolutely horrible reviews.

The game, which was released by Neversoft and Activision almost 20 years ago, featured a wide cast of famous skaters and character customization. One of the most popular modes in the game was the level creator, allowing users to create and share their own wild and crazy adventures to skate through. Many consider the pinnacle of the game itself to be the later released Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x, ported by Treyarch to the original Xbox. 2x added female custom skaters, new levels, upgraded menus, and the balance meter. The remaster of this game would require a completely new engine, different from the failed Pro Skater 5, but there is almost no way the game could do poorly, unless they managed to take all of the mistakes from Pro Skater 5 and port them to the franchise’s most beloved title.

Are there any other games you want to see remastered, or are there games you think need to be preserved in their natural state?

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