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Top 5 Games Where Matthew Mercer is the Voice Actor

If you don’t know who Matthew Mercer is, then you’re in for a treat. He’s a gamer of legendary status—running a hugely successful tabletop show called Critical Role, creating an awesome web-series spoofing Super Smash called There Will be Brawl, and most importantly—starring in dozens of video games as a voice actor extraordinaire.

And let me tell you, his silky smooth voice is the thing of wet dreams.

Now that you know who I’m talking about, let’s point out the best games he’s appeared in. You may be surprised how diverse his range of acting can be.

#5 Monster Hunter: World

Voiced: Field Team Leader

Every game nowadays has a tutorial (which often blows chunks), but some of them are made painless through clever writing, interesting story elements or cool characters.

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter: World decided it cared about its characters so little it didn’t even give them names. Your tutorial guide, simply referred to as “Field Team Leader,” should’ve been voiced by a text-to-speech program, that’s how little anyone cared about him, but fortunately for us, the universe is kind.

Matthew Mercer gives this nameless character life and energy. His voice acting (though it doesn’t quite match up with the lip flaps) makes for a compelling instructor who drags you through the starting area and watches you flail around with the first monsters of the game.

Mercer’s energy is infectious, and it makes the tutorial less of a grind to hear him chat about his grandfather while exploring the “new world.”

#4 Batman: Arkham Knight

Voiced: Robin

Unlike Monster Hunter: World, Matthew Mercer does a full character in Batman: Arkham Knight. He plays Tim Drake’s Robin, the loveable scamp who has an adorable relationship with Barb (AKA Oracle).

In this game we see a wide range of emotions from Mercer. He teases Oracle with some flirty banter, he fights with a wicked amount of grunts and punches, and he even has a character arc of frustration—dealing with the fact he may be living in Batman’s shadow.

It’s Matthew Mercer’s voice acting that really breathes life into this character and makes you love him the moment he starts speaking. In some ways, he almost outshines Batman in terms of voice acting, which is one way to get out of the big guy’s shadow.

#3 Fallout 4

Voiced: MacCready

This one surprised me.

MacCready isn’t your typical guy. When the Sole Survivor runs across him, he’s a low-life merc who has killed people for a single drink, and wants to escape his old gang, the Gunners. Often crude, sarcastic, and a little depressi-o, MacCready comes across as a guy with problems and he’s ignoring them in the hopes they go away.

That’s fairly different when compared to Robin from Batman: Arkham Knight, and way different than most character’s Matthew Mercer plays. But this voice acting is done so well, and so interesting, I didn’t even know it was Mercer at first. He changes his voice in such a way to come across as casual and carefree, almost to the point of glib, but when MacCready starts talking about his dead wife or son, the tone flips—there’s genuine emotion.

Again, Matthew Mercer breathes life into the character, more so than some other major characters in Fallout 4 (I’m looking at you, Preston—how is it your “we just slept together” and “another settlement needs your help” are both said in the same dry-ass monotone? Emote, man!)

#2 Persona 5

Voiced: Yusuke Kitagawa

Yet another interesting character.

Yusuke is the weird artist obsessed with painting Ann naked the first time he interacts with the group. He’s also the guy who wants to delve into the hellscape of Mementos just to get his creativity going.

Throughout the course of the game, he emotionally breaks down in front of his mentor, grapples with existential dread, shouts “Goemon” and “Kamu Susano-o” more times than healthy, and even gets in a few good quips when talking with the team. He’s a full character, with a wide range of emotions. You see him at his lowest, and you see him when he triumphs. In all ways, you’re with Yusuke as he deals with life.

And none of it would’ve worked had he been voiced by anyone other than Matthew Mercer. Truly, Mercer nailed the bizarre introvert to a T, right down to the gentle way he speaks to the main character in their bizarre social link conversations.

#1 Fire Emblem Fates

Voiced: Ryoma, Shigure, Azama

You might be thinking, “Three characters!? No wonder this is #1!”

But that’s not it. It’s for two off-the-wall reasons.

First off, Fire Emblem Fates has an “interesting” mini-game where you increase your bond with certain characters through petting. This leads to marriage (as it often does) and good ol’ Matthew Mercer has to voice not only the petting, but all the awkward love messages. One character, Ryoma, has some lovingly aggressive lines. Mercer says, “Kiss me, you fool” with some convincing conviction, and let’s not even get into Shigure (who sings) and Azama (who is a sarcastic assh*le).

The second reason this is #1 is because (SPOILERS) Matthew Mercer voice acted an entire scene of his character committing seppuku.

Yeah. The whole scene. Stabbing. Dying. It’s all there. Honestly, I was shocked a Nintendo game would have a scene like that one—voice acted and all that—and while there isn’t any blood, it gets rather graphic.

Fortunately, Matthew Mercer plays it like a champ. Even as he screams, “Final Duty!” you have to love his commitment to the role. He’s a professional, after all.

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