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‘Twisted Wonderland’ is a Game of Disney Villain Husbandos

  • A Disney dating sim.
  • Rhythm-based elements and battles.
  • Anime adaptations of Disney Villains.


If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that villains are hotter than heroes. Such was the thinking of Aniplex when they teamed up with Walt Disney Japan to create Twisted Wonderland. In this upcoming mobile game, players are transported to an alternate version of Wonderland through a magic mirror. They arrive at the magic academy, Night Ravens College, where they are offered protection by its headmaster, and must get to know the talented students, all of whom possess the souls of villains.

What this means is that these students are cute anime boys loosely inspired by seven Disney franchises. These franchises are divided by dormitories, only one of which has been revealed so far–Heartslabyul, which relates to Alice in Wonderland. The five husbandos of dorm Heartslabyul reflect the playing cards that served the red queen in the animated film, except instead of being giant cards with human heads and limbs, they look like this:

Both the story concept and character design come from Yana Toboso, creator of the manga, Black Butler. At the moment, it isn’t clear if there will be any direct anime adaptations of Disney villains. The playing cards in Alice in Wonderland were more henchmen than anything, bumbling and comically incompetent. But will there be an anime Jafar, or Gaston down the line? The character rising from the coffin in the trailer is known as Maleus Draconia. His aesthetic and name suggest that he could be a rule 63 version of Maleficent. His horns look like her headdress; his name shares letters with hers, and his last name is tied to her transformation at the end of Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps Twisted Wonderland will feature not only anime versions of male villains, but gender-bent villainesses as well.

Gameplay will contain rhythm-based elements and battles, and since it is largely a dating sim, there’s bound to be some hand-holding as well. Just how risqué this hand-holding gets is difficult to guess. On the one hand, it’s a Disney product, so boys only want one girl, and they want to marry her yesterday. But on the other hand, these guys have the souls of villains, so maybe there are dungeons involved. However, these are Disney villains, which usually means being ultimately harmless. Then again, it’s Disney Japan, so there could be tentacle monsters… it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

There’s no information yet on a release date, or if it will launch with an English translation. But even if it never receives an official translation I guarantee you there are going to be fan-based versions that translate every snippet of husbando flirtation. Your best bet for keeping an eye on this one is through the translated Twitter page, and the official website.

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  1. Ok this seems the type of game that would fly in japan XD

    Im not against it but, I would said that as an old school player (30 + years playing games) I dont know… Dont take me wrong I watch anime since the original realesed of Evangelion but…

    Ehhh maybe I´ll give it a chance, If it comes to this side of the globe.

  2. This looks interesting, I’ve always wanted a villain dating sim. I’m hoping this one gets a global release.

  3. Hex Maniac Quinn on May 22, 2019 at 3:43 am said

    I joined this website today and already found the story that I will watch like a hawk~

  4. Let’s hope there is more than hand holding going on!

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