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    5 Anime/Manga Ripe For Video Game Adaptation

    We’ve all been there at this point. Something that we love gets picked up for a video game adaptation, and we all get super giddy. But as time goes by and more press releases find their way into our inboxes, the giddiness turns to cautious optimism which will eventually turn to genuine concern as you…

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    Dead Island: Fast Leveling Guide

    Thanks to the coronavirus outbreaks, gamers have more time on their hands than ever before to clear out their video game backlogs. Since we are on lockdown due to a virus outbreak, why not pass the time by playing some thematically appropriate video games about virus outbreaks? Seeing as how no shop items, no damage,…

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    Halo: Fall of Reach

    At the time of writing, Halo is going through something of a renaissance, thanks to the Master Chief Collection coming to PC and Halo Infinite looming on the horizon, but there has always been a background aspect of Halo that many of the fans like to indulge in, despite some wonky timeline occurrences and reorganized…

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    Char’s Zaku II Red Comet Ver Unboxing

    Welcome back, Gunpla fans both old and new! The future looks bright for the Red Comet! Later this year, we’re going to be getting an all new Zaku II for Char Aznable, and this time it’s going to be a Revive version of the original Char’s Zaku II. So in anticipation of that, we’re going…

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    Clash of the Titans: Unreal Tournament vs Quake III Arena

    The year is 1999, and like almost everyone else in the industry, you are anxiously awaiting the next big thing in competitive shooters. Quake II is dominating the multiplayer scene on GameSpy, but some upstart games have shaken the status quo. Half-Life has taken shooters in bold new directions, Starsiege: Tribes is playing with some…

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    What’s So Great About Half-Life?

    Half-Life is an amazing series. That’s not a controversial position. Both games have sat comfortably in “best of all time” lists since their release dates. In 2013, IGN summed up the influence of Half-Life on the FPS genre pretty concisely: “When you look at the history of first-person shooters, it all breaks down pretty cleanly…

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    5 Iconic Multiplayer FPS Levels

    A multiplayer shooter can have the best mechanics, graphics and weapon selection in the world, but without a good battlefield to unleash them on, the game isn’t worth a dime. Strong level design is the foundation upon which all FPS games depend on. Good level design is all about flow, and good level designers construct…

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    5 Games That Were So Great, They Created A New Genre

    Do you ever just sit and stare at the huge variety of video games that we have available today? I totally do. I’m old enough to remember the days of Atari when “action” games dominated. Now we have platformers, shooters, beat ‘em ups, walking simulators, battle royales, RPGs, stealth games, visual novels, tower defense games,…

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    The Minecraft Nether Update Turns Hell Into a Home

    If you haven’t been following Minecraft recently, I can’t really blame you. With all of the concerns floating around about the global pandemic, it’s hard to focus too much on other things. So, if you haven’t heard, the next big change coming to the classic survival crafting adventure is going to dramatically change the way…