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    The D&D Bard Skill Monkey

    So, You Want to Be a Skill Monkey? Bards are arguably the best class. They have so much versatility that it’s just impossible to play anything else (at least for me). You can be any race, but a Half Elf gets you two skills and +2 Cha out the gate, and Variant Human gets you…

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    Ranking the Superweapons of Metal Gear

    You’ve seen the villains, but the games aren’t called Metal Gear for no reason. At the very heart of the series is always the mech menace. Here is my ranking of the mechs from worst to first, taking multiple factors into consideration. This doesn’t include all superweapons in the Metal Gear franchise, but it does…

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    Cloud Gaming and its Concerning Implications

    As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a fan of collecting old big box PC games. Not only that, but I love playing classic games, and I am a huge supporter of the abandonware community, who through their tireless efforts have managed to preserve our digital history long after the ruthless games industry has forgotten them in…

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    The Finest Bytes [Part 2] 5 In-Game Eateries

    Welcome, my dear readers, to the second iteration of The Finest Bytes! For those of you joining us for your first culinary quest, I am Brock Stroganoff Esquire, and I bid you prepare your palate for a most palatial pilgrimage. And to those of you returning from our first outing, I commend you for demonstrating…

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    9 Forgotten Classic Games That Deserve a New Entry

    Sometimes a game company will strike gold with a brand new franchise, taking the world of gaming by storm. Sometimes they’ll make a series of it, with new games being released regularly. But other times, a developer will make one or two successful games in a series, and then it’ll sit there stagnant for years…