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    10 April Indie Games Worth Checking Out

    Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be boring. Just ask Kevin McCallister. Or, well, any gamer for that matter. The coronavirus has forced everyone to take a walk on the antisocial side, and as a result, home entertainment is suddenly a whole lot more important. As per Business Insider, there’s been a colossal spike…

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    A Beginner’s Guide to Magic The Gathering

    Magic: The Gathering. Many consider this incredibly popular and successful trading card game to be the peak of nerd or geek culture. For over 25 years, Wizards of the Coast has designed, developed, and published the countless cards that make up the Magic: The Gathering catalogue. With such a large backlog and such a hefty…

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    Dancing with the Devil: 5 Controversial Video Games

    If you listen to the media, lobbyist groups and Karen from the local Parents & Teachers Council, you’d be forgiven for thinking that games are responsible for all of society’s woes, including drugs, alcohol, violence and *gasp* sex. Indeed, games seem to cop an inordinate amount of flak when it comes to controversy, while books,…

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    11 March Indie Games Worth Checking Out

    “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” We find ourselves in turbulent times. With many of us either in lockdown or self-imposed isolation due to COVID-19, the fictional vistas of Fallout or The Walking Dead suddenly don’t seem so farfetched. Major events in the gaming calendar have been cancelled. Toilet paper has…

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    Crash Generation: Looking Back at Burnout

    Criterion Games’ track record is unmistakable. They’ve been making PC games since 1996, notably putting out niche but respected racer TrickStyle and futureboarding AirBlade. But in 2001, they began work on a series of titles that would eventually blow those and a lot of other racing games out of the water. Burnout has humble beginnings,…