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    McFarlane Action Figures: Are They Really That Bad?

    McFarlane is a brand that has firmly cemented itself in the action figure and collectibles marketplace over the years, for better or for worse. They have gathered a reputation for being less than stellar, but that doesn’t mean everything they release is a stinker. Popular opinion is that a McFarlane figure is going to be…

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    Pirates vs Zombies: Which Are the Cooler Game Characters?

    Today, I’m hitting you with one of the really hard conversations we need to have in our societies. Pirates or zombies? In order to promote unity instead of division, let me start off by saying: ‘Everything but ninjas.’ There. No rational person should be tempted to disagree with that statement. Now that we all agree…

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    Is E3 Done For?

    With the panic surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus, event after event has been cancelled or postponed. More and more organizers are trying to avoid the bad PR that would come from holding an event in the midst of a pandemic, and that is totally reasonable. However, things come into question when looking at gaming’s most famous…

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    The Devil’s Advocate: In Defense of Crowdfunding

    As stated in my previous Devil’s Advocate article, a strong and well-considered argument should, first and foremost, give honest consideration to any opposing standpoints. By understanding opposing views, we can reinforce our own views while arming ourselves with the ability to tackle opposing arguments. That is the purpose of The Devil’s Advocate. In these articles,…

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    What’re We Learning From Our Video Games?

    When I started thinking about the content for this article, one thing became clear very quickly: I would never be able to write down all the side benefits of gaming without writing a whole book. After all, even if you remove fun from the equation, there are still oh so many wonderful things gamers derive…

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    Defining a Genre: What Makes an RPG?

    Defining the meaning of the term ‘Roleplaying Game,’ at least when we’re talking about CRPGs (or ‘Computer Roleplaying Game’), can be harder than one would think at first. Over time, the genre mixed more and more with action adventures and 1st as well as 3rd person shooters. It is therefore difficult to define role playing…

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    Was Gaming Better “Back Then”?

    Exploring one’s own biases and reconsidering one’s own stances is probably one of the hardest parts of the human condition, even when it comes to something ultimately frivolous like gaming. I ask myself often: “How big are those rose-tinted glasses of mine when I’m talking about how gaming was so much better back in the…