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Universal Studio Japan Only Months Away From Becoming a Gaming Landmark

  • Universal Studio Japan’s Super Nintendo World will open before 2020’s Summer Olympics.
  • Currently planned to later come to Singapore, California, and Orlando parks.
  • Global Kickoff Event featured press briefings and a new hype trailer for the public.

Possibly Universal Studios’ most ambitious project to date gets a little closer to opening day as Universal Studios Japan, and Nintendo put more hype behind the upcoming Super Nintedo World attraction coming to various parks around the world. The maiden voyage for this real-life attempt to bring some of Nintendo’s most iconic gaming legends to life in the form of a state-of-the-art theme park expansion will open just before the 2020 Summer Olympics at Universal Studios Japan located in Osaka, Japan.


Nothing spells hype like a trailer mixing live-action actors with digital mockups of the sort of fun that can be expected out of the park. Set to Super Mario Bros. inspired track We Are Born To Play from Galantis and Charli XCX, the video does just that. The stage is effectively by highlighting the global impact Nintendo has across generations and cultures, before sending everyone through the iconic green pipes to a Nintendo inspired wonderland. 

Make no mistake, the trailer is all about the hype, and we only get bits and pieces of what the actual park experience will be like. Luckily, what the trailer lacks is made up for by coverage from a press event by reporter Kurumi Mori through her Twitter account. While only bits and pieces of the event were actually shared to her account, it’s more than enough to really sink our teeth into and at least get and idea of what we can expect out of the upcoming attraction.

According to Kurumi Mori, during the presentation the marketing director for Universal Studios Japan stated that if Disney is the dream world, then Universal Studios Japan is the waking world, a place that isn’t just experienced, but lived in. The goal, ultimately, is to make parkgoers a part of the experience. In the context of Super Nintendo World, that means a combination of smartbands and cellphone apps for use in the park to participate in a variety of activities. 

Amid Kurumi Mori’s tweets, one attraction in particular was mentioned. Referenced as a real-life Mario Kart race, are we looking at an altered-reality experience? Virtual reality? Actual go-karts? Despite the big press event and a new trailer, Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan are playing things fairly close to the chest until the official reveal of the new section of the park in a few months time. But you won’t have to plan a trip to Japan to experience a Nintendo theme park, as in the future Universal Studios and Nintendo are bringing the Super Nintendo World experiences to Singapore, California, and Florida in the future.


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  1. Could be fun.

  2. Wow, that sounds cool! Unfortunately no park planned in Europe 🙁

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