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Upcoming ‘Animal Crossing’ Controller Features K.K. Slider

  • Really digging the choice in primary color.
  • Includes three extra buttons, in case you need those.
  • Available March 10th.


Here I sit, another day on the long countdown to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Recent delays make me worried that the new entry in the beloved Nintendo franchise will experience another delay, because that’s been the trend with a lot of games already for the first half of 2020. As I keep up on the 3DS entry Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I keep an eye out for any major bits of information to sink my teeth into. Well today there’s at least something Animal Crossing related to talk about and I think fans might be excited to see just what it is; a new controller available for pre-order from multiple locations, as well as a special item available only from Target.

This officially licensed Power A Animal Crossing controller is one I’ll probably have to pick up. Colored in a vibrant blueish green with various symbols from Animal Crossing dotted across the surface the imagery is all tied together with brown accented buttons and the ever-catchy K.K. Slider strumming away on his acoustic guitar on one of the grips.

But it’s more than just the Animal Crossing theme of the controller that will be a selling point for people, considering the back of the controller features an additional three buttons for whatever you might need them for. Entirely unnecessary, but extra is rarely a bad thing if you ask me.

The controller retails for $49.99 and will formally release on March 10th 2020, although you can preorder it now from places like Amazon.

But maybe you don’t need a new controller. If so, there’s another item that may interest you that’s available exclusively as a pre-order bonus through Target for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Available while supplies last, those who pre-order will have their final order include a faux-leather journal featuring 2020 calendar and planner pages. While not nearly as exciting as the controller, the calendar in the journal is described to contain birthdays of key Animal Crossing characters. Maybe that’ll pay off for you in-game?

I hope you enjoyed this little dose of Animal Crossing info as much as I have, however, I still wish Nintendo would put out a new preview of the game or something. There’s only so much we can look at the same screenshots and trailers, and for such an anticipated game it feels like it’s getting almost no advertising time. Oh well, that’s just the thoughts of one fan of the series. Are you waiting on Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Are you going to look into either the new controller or the special Target pre-order bonus?