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Upcoming ‘Sea of Thieves’ Update Will Change the High Seas

  • Higher stakes, higher rewards with reputation refinement and Emissary system.
  • Improved Arena mode, addition of a PVP centric faction to Adventure mode.
  • Starting Sea of Thieves’ third year off strong.

Sea of Thieves has tucked away its second anniversary under its belt, retreading bits and pieces of past events to give newcomers and old timers alike a taste of just how far the experience has come. Now, as revealed in a new update video, the adventures are about to heat up even more. Picking up in the wake of the Heart of Fire update, the nefarious undertakings of Captain Flameheart, Stitcher Jim, and the Masked Stranger are now in motion and when everything will finally come to a head is yet to be determined. But the threat is real, and as the stakes begin rising so does the level of involvement players will be able to undertake.

On April 22nd, players will be able to dive into the Ships of Fortune update. This update is aimed at overhauling key aspects of both Adventure mode and Arena mode. For Adventure mode, factions and reputation gains are being overhauled to give players the ability to wave the banner of different factions in favor of special unlockables and increased rewards of treasure and reputation gain the more they progress. Whether you’re sailing on behalf of the Gold Hoarders, the Order of Souls, or the Merchant Alliance you can now represent the three main factions your way. 


But beyond that, a new faction joins the fight in the form of The Reaper’s Bones. If you’ve been enjoying the rewards of the Masked Stranger and her dastardly deeds, from Reaper’s Chests to double-gold payouts on treasure, then you’ll love that this faction is now sending you out with the sole purpose of sinking the ships of other factions. This is perfect for those who see Sea of Thieves as a hunting ground. This is likely going to make already hostile encounters heat up quite a bit, because now there is more incentive beyond just the plundered loot of sunken ships. What better time to introduce a new mechanic to the combat system than with this addition? Now players will have the chance to revive their fallen allies in the heat of combat. Done carefully, ship-boardings and other encounters can now not only be prolonged but become much more intense.

It will be interesting to see how that change fairs within the Arena as well, boasting its own set of changes encouraged to make the matches more frantic and less of a war of attrition. Match times have been decreased, and objectives have been redesigned in a way to keep the fight going until the end. It’s looking like the update is going to be full of plenty of changes that overhauls the game’s core components just enough that no one will feel like they’ve been keelhauled.