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Upload’s First Ever E3VR Showcase Was Packed Full of VR Goodies


  • First ever showcase of its kind.
  • Over an hour of almost nonstop VR content.
  • Nearly 40 Games or DLC packs showcased.

Upload has brought a massive gift to virtual reality fans everywhere in the form of the E3VR Showcase. The showcase lasted a little over an hour, and in that time we saw trailers for nearly 40 games, ports, or DLC updates coming to the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and PSVR. Without further ado, let’s get into the content we saw at Upload’s E3VR Showcase.



From the creators of Cosmic Trip comes Fujii. While it looks like an adorable little VR title, this trailer didn’t have much to offer. Luckily for us, Upload also got their hands on over 12 minutes of gameplay footage directly from Funktronic. These 12 minutes show us a lot about the game. Before we start discussing exactly what they are, have a look at that extended gameplay footage.


Discover vibrant worlds full of unique life within this mysterious world of darkness. Collect particles of light to light up the shadowy world and reveal the vibrant life of the world. Many of the mechanics are still a mystery, but the game looks like a lovely, relaxing adventure.


In Mare, your actions manipulate the functions of a flying mechanical creature known as BIRD. Your gaze has the ability to loosely control BIRD’s movements throughout a mythical world. The world is full of mysteries to uncover. Mare will be launching on Oculus devices.

Skyworld Kingdom Brawl: Fresh Meat


The VR multiplayer strategy game Skyworld Kingdom Brawl is getting a free DLC update. Fresh Meat introduces new units, new maps, and new ways to defeat your foes. Skyworld Kingdom Brawl: Fresh Meat is coming on July 11th, 2019.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall is a sword fighting action game being developed by Schell Games, developers of VR titles like I Expect You To Die. Combine melee weapons and magical spells to develop your unique fighting style and kill the horrible, twisted beings that were formed by The Calamity. There appears to be a crafting function, allowing you to forge new weaponry to grow in strength. Until You Fall arrives later this year on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.



The final chapter in Primordian’s tale is coming to bring the story to a close. Primordian has been heralded as a graphically stunning VR with unique sci-fi combat. The game initially released in Early Access near the end of January 2019, and is now on its third and final chapter. The game has received some negative reviews for things like enemies not reacting to hits the same way others do and being too short, but those are often issues that can arise from Early Access titles. No release date was given, aside from a “Coming Soon” end card.

After the Fall


From the developers of Arizona Sunshine comes another VR zombie fighting survival game, this time in a frozen, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. After the Fall will feature cooperative multiplayer systems as well as single player combat. Players can fight through the nearly endless hordes of Snowbreed with an upgradeable arsenal of guns, melee weapons, and special abilities. The game has a 2020 release window, and you can sign up for the beta here.

The Wizards: Dark Times


This upcoming standalone expansion for Carbon Studios’ The Wizards comes just after the original title was ported to the Oculus Quest. Carbon announced that this expansion will have players experiencing a new adventure, fighting new enemies as they travel across time. The trailer itself didn’t provide much in terms of information.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades: Meat Fortress


The classic arsenals you’ve come to love from the Team Fortress franchise are coming to VR. In the H3VR update coming later this month, you can play with the classic weapons of TF2, all done with Valve’s blessing of course. The Meat Fortress update launches June 28th, the same day as the reviews are expected for Valve’s Index VR headset and Knuckles controllers.

Budget Cuts PSVR


A VR classic is coming to PlayStation VR soon. The PSVR version of Budget Cuts was announced back in January, but this is the first footage of it running in PSVR. Neat Corp partnered with UK-based developers Coatsink to port the PC VR hit. The game launched fully on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive last year, but was a tech demo for the Vive back in 2016. Budget Cuts will arrive on PSVR this fall.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets


The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets follows players through an imagined world in order to uncover the title mystery. You explore this world created by your protagonist character and their grandfather, manipulating everything with your hands to uncover clues and new information. The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets launches this year on all major VR platforms.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time


A new VR adventure for fans of Doctor Who has players trying to protect all of time and space from a mysterious reality-virus destroying all existence. Go up against foes old and new, ranging from Weeping Angels to Daleks and all new foes. The player is cast as the Doctor’s faithful companion and the game as a whole will expand upon the show’s universe. The game launches this September.

Disciples of Dawn


Stonepunk, the developers behind Primordian have announced their next game: Disciples of Dawn. The teaser trailer did not provide a lot of information, but the game appears to focus heavily on the atmosphere and lore around it. The details that have been provided are vague at best, with a mysterious “presence” shrouding the valley setting of the game in an unending twilight. This “presence” and its minions kidnap people and drag them underground. That’s where the Disciples come in. On the highest peak of the valley lies a monastery, the home of the Disciples. They are the only people who can venture underground.



IRIS VR has been developing Low-Fi for a little bit now, with screenshots and a kickstarter coming out earlier this year. Low-Fi is not a direct sequel to their previous game as much as a spiritual successor. In this game, you play as a police officer in their flying patrol car, combing the crime-ridden streets of a dark future Toronto. Solve cases and fight crime in VR. Low-Fi is also getting a standalone prequel for the Oculus Quest, Agency. The game will be available for all who purchase Low-Fi.

Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels


This is a fun little party game that mixes mobile and VR gaming. In Acron, you could have two roles: Tree or Squirrel. As the VR player, the Tree tries to fend off the mobile users playing Squirrels to protect its acorns. You can throw objects, grab the Squirrels, and do whatever it takes to protect your acorns. The game will be out later this summer.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught


A new bloody, visceral, and violent VR game set in AMC’s The Walking Dead universe is on the horizon. The Walking Dead: Onslaught has not had any gameplay footage until now, and it is certainly a worthy-looking experience. You can hack, slash, decapitate, scalp, pierce, and push your way through the walker hordes, not just alone, but side by side with characters like Daryl, Rick, and Michonne from the series. There was no formal announcement of multiplayer features, but due to Survios VR’s focus on multiplayer VR titles, it is likely possible. The game will launch this fall.

Hotel R’n’R


This newly announced VR title is a shift away from the developers’ previous, more horror-oriented titles. Hotel R’n’R, from the developers of VR horror titles The Exorcist: Legion, and A Chair in a Room, appears to be physics-based destruction mayhem. You play as a failing musician who sells his soul to the devil, who asks you to go around destroying hotel rooms. Here, the why isn’t as important as the how. Smash things with your hands for as long as you can before you turn your fists to a bloody pulp. If you’d rather keep your hands intact, you can smash stuff into stuff. You also have to watch out for hotel staff, and when time runs out, the police come knocking.

I Expect You To Die: Seat of Power


A special mission is arriving in July for VR’s best super spy. Seat of Power puts you right in the lair of a dastardly villain. You’re supposed to just do some light recon, but why not have some fun while in the home of your greatest enemy? Uncover secrets and solve puzzles next month, with the game now available on Oculus Quest.

Mini Mech Mayhem


A cute tabletop style PSVR title pits you and your miniature mech companion against a few other opponents. The goal is simple, stand upon the victory square as champion. Push people, command your mech, and achieve victory. The game works by having players put in commands for their mechs before the turn starts, and the commands play out in a random order. Try to get yourself to victory before your opponents. If your chances of victory start to deteriorate, you can throw down cards with special abilities to turn the tide in your favor.

Undead Citadel


In Undead Citadel you are a soldier of fortune in a medieval fantasy land, fighting to survive against hordes of undead. Use a wide variety of weapons to defeat the scourge of undead that threaten the world you live in with complete annihilation. Undead Citadel is expected to launch later this year.

Arizona Sunshine for Oculus Quest


The acclaimed zombie-killing VR experience Arizona Sunshine is coming to the wireless Oculus Quest. Now you can fight zombies without fighting your wires. This port to the Quest will be the full game and everything that has been released so far. The port will be coming later this year.

Dance Central


The popular VR dance title Dance Central is getting a DLC update soon, featuring AI challengers, new customization options, and more songs to dance along to. The game is already popular on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. One of the more interesting additions to the game is a fitness app to track fitness within Dance Center. In terms of AI challengers, this feature allows AI to challenge you on top of your online friends. This new content is coming soon.

Lone Echo II


The sequel to the acclaimed VR story Lone Echo is on its way. Lone Echo II has players reprising their role as the AI Jack and continues to explore the relationship between him and Captain Olivia Rhodes. One of their goals is to really reinforce the familial relationship between Liv and Jack, showing what lengths they will go for each other.



Boneworks has gotten new gameplay footage, which only increases fans excitement. Boneworks is an upcoming Steam VR FPS with a heavy emphasis on physics. The player embodies an engineer in an AI-based operating system. Within, you do battle with robotic crab creatures and humanoid means, all doing whatever you can to survive. Currently, Boneworks is expected to release this year for all headsets supporting Steam VR.



Battlewake is a new high seas battle adventure from VR developers Survios. Battlewake takes locomotion to a new level by introducing it to the pirate-ridden high seas. Survios has strived to make VR as seamless as possible without causing sickness, which is a common problem for many VR players. The game is expected to have a 20 chapter story that can be played solo or co-op, along with the four player Warfare mode and a deathmatch mode. Batlewake is launching later this summer on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but the closed beta sign includes PSVR and Oculus Quest.

Soulkeeper VR


Soulkeeper is a dark VR title that has been compared to the likes of Skyrim or Dark Souls. The game has been in early access for about three years, and since then it has grown ever closer to their final goal of a large scale, immersive VR RPG. This new trailer showcases things like horseback and dragon riding, all done in virtual reality. When it first launched, there weren’t many VR RPG titles on the market, but now there are games like Shadow Legend and Asgard’s Wrath who are all competing for the top spot in VR RPGs.  



Spaceteam is a wild and wacky cooperative game about piloting a spaceship with a team. The only issue is that everyone has random instructions for random parts of the ship other than their own. Oh, and the ship is moments away from complete annihilation. On top of that, you’re in a world with an advanced physics engine. You have to both follow complex instructions and make sure you do it right without messing anything up. It reminds me of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on sci-fi steroids. Look for it in digital markets “soon.”

Audica In-Game Editor Update


Audica is a game that feels like a combination of Beat Saber and a wild shooter, all in VR. Blast to the rhythm of several songs, with more on the way in this new update. The update also includes an in-game editor allowing players to remix maps and songs to their heart’s content, to play themselves, or publish to the world. The update is arriving later this month.

Asgard’s Wrath


Imagine if a game like Skyrim or Breath of the Wild was designed from the ground up to exist in VR. That is what Asgard’s Wrath is trying to do, create a feature length, dungeon-filled, role playing experience from the ground up in VR. If that 20 minute clip of gameplay means anything, when this game releases it will be an unforgettable experience through and through. The game is expected to be over 30 hours of content, and arrive this fall on the Oculus Rift.

Rogan: The Thief in the Castle


VR stealth action in an interesting world awaits you in Rogan: The Thief in the Castle. Discover the truth behind the murder of Lord Conrad, and clear the name of his most loyal knight, Victoria, who has been falsely accused of his murder. You are Rogan, a thief who broke into the castle for a score only to be discovered by a fleeing Victoria. Rogan agrees to help her in exchange for his own freedom. Rogan: The Thief in the Castle expects to release this summer.

Garden of the Sea


From the developers of Budget Cuts comes something completely different: Garden of the Sea. With this new title, Neat wants to do something different, working directly with the community to help form the game into what they want and what the developers can provide. For now, you can garden and explore the world in the very early access available now. You can help forge the future of this world right now.

Arizona Sunshine: The Damned


Now that the game has been released on Oculus Quest, Arizona Sunshine is ripe for new content. Luckily, we’ve got just that. What is expected to be the game’s largest level will arrive this August. The level itself has players fighting hordes on and around a dam that has been overrun. The Damned launches August 27th. There is no word yet on if or when the level will appear in the Oculus Quest version.



The pinnacle of sci-fi VR horror film is getting a full release. ABE was originally a film that was recreated in VR, following a robot with skewed ideas of love and affection. This was actually a three-fold announcement. Hammerhead has announced not only a follow up to the original ABE, but a full game, and a location experience with photorealistic human performances.

Espire 1


Espire 1 is an upcoming VR stealth game akin to Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. Rather than controlling a person, you pilot a drone designed for stealth and assassination. There are fun little gimmicks like being able to shout “Freeze” at enemy guards to hold them up. The game will be releasing on PSVR, Oculus Quest, and other PC VR devices this August.

Solaris: Offworld Combat

From the developers of Firewall Zero Hour comes a new multiplayer sci-fi FPS: Solaris: Offworld Combat. The game intends to offer a fast-paced sci-fi combat experience that some have compared to Halo. The details are incredibly sparse, but fans of VR shooters are excited to see what it has to offer. The game is currently planned to release on Oculus systems, with the potential for a broader release.

Budget Cuts 2


The original Budget Cuts has become a major VR success, so it’s only natural that a sequel is in the works. Currently, Budget Cuts 2 might not look like much right now, but it is free of so many of the issues that plagued the early versions of its predecessor. In Upload’s time playing the Alpha, it did not feel like much, until the realization that nearly every problem that plagued early Budget Cuts was unseen. Robots weren’t accidentally killing themselves on miscellaneous objects, held items didn’t fall into an unknown void while teleporting, and the game was completely playable and enjoyable. Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency is set to release later this year.

Pistol Whip


Similarly to Audica, Pistol Whip is a shooter-rhythm game, but unlike its often highly precise brethren, Pistol Whip does not rely too heavily on making every shot perfect or hitting enemies in a specific order. Rather, it’s all based on the feeling. They want the shooting to be responsive, the music to be complementary, and for you to feel like a badass while doing it.

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