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‘Urban Tale’ Enters Steam Early Access Today

  • Bored of the small town farm simulators?
  • Maybe life in the big city is more suited to you?
  • Urban Tale may be worth a look with its low price tag.

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve found yourself hooked on Stardew Valley in the past few years. Tending your fields, starting a family, winning over the town. Your digital hands calloused from a hard day’s work and a sense of satisfaction. Or maybe you haven’t, maybe the call of the countryside just isn’t for you. That’s understandable, some people are more fit for the urban lifestyles. If you’re a city slicker, then there’s now a game for you in a similar vein as Stardew Valley but for the opposite side of the coin. Get out of the fields and into the hustle and bustle of a big city with Urban Tale.

Urban Tale just released into Steam Early Access, and it certainly looks like the opposite of Stardew Valley in just about every way:

Urban Tale is a realistic, vibrant and unique RPG that will allow you to fulfil your dreams, and pursue your most wanted goals in life.

You start from scratch, having nothing in the big city where you can meet a lot of people, that can help you throughout your adventure. Your goal is to survive and succeed in life. Will you be able to make it?

You can be whoever you want, try to simulate your own life, or try being somebody totally different. Can spend your life working as an employee, when you get enough experience and knowledge, you also become manager or even business owner and run companies, people working in it and your own life, all at the same time.

Experience the city world like never before, walk around Ljubljana, live your everyday life while trying to have fun.



You will be able to go all around the city and acquaintance different things. As time goes, you will be able to experience season change, from cold winters to warm summers, leaves falling off the trees and snow falling from the sky.


Playing as somebody else is not fun unless you can change your personalities. Game allows you to play as different characters, and change the way you look and play. Choosing different careers you will give you freedom to find which character fits which career the best.


Beautiful pixel art will leave you mesmerised and make the life in the city even more interesting, joyful and fun. We wanted the game to be colourful, yet real-world realistic, having best of both worlds.


At all times you can talk to people, around the city, in the grocery shop, post office, and wherever you go. You can get all the necessary information, whether is it related to job interview, or you are just wanting to make friends.

Between the trailer and the description on Steam, you can get a pretty good idea of what Urban Tale plans on being. But more exciting than what is presented upfront, are the possibilities for down the road. The trailer gives a brief look at more illicit ways of getting by in the city. Instead of working at a store, how about shoplifting in the future? Robbery? No no, it’s not Grand Theft Auto but if the goal is to let players do what they want let them walk on either side of the law fully. In the trailer when he refers to “shady business” it looks like the player is altering employee payscales. So we have embezzlement and fraud on the table, lets open some more doors. You can check out Urban Tale today on Steam and whether you pick up a legal activity or something else, you can keep your eyes on future updates to expand upon the game further.


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