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Wanted Dead Or Alive: ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Fan Remaster Halts Development

  • Modder behind ‘Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project’ halts development.
  • Project was aimed to be a fan remaster with updated visuals and mods.
  • The closest PC players have come to having Red Dead Redemption.


The unofficial PC remaster for Red Dead Redemption, the Damned Enhancement Project may have had a run in with the town sheriff, Take-Two Interactive. After months of hard work, and the recent reveal of a teaser trailer for the project, things were looking good for the modder GamingDamned to the point that he was branching out for people interested in helping with the project.

That’s all come crashing down with a new statement from GamingDamned on the project page for the mod on GTA Forums:

Please Note Project Halted. Update Video will made and will explain. I’m Not very happy. Please Understand For Time Being All Will Be Explained.

The announcement was also followed by a few posts on the forums, and while Take-Two’s name is never explicitly used it’s pretty clear who he’s speaking of. On that note, its also stressed that he received a phone call and not a formal cease and desist letter, and that they also tried to warn him to keep quiet about it.

It’s an abrupt, but not entirely unexpected end to a massive fan project. Companies have intervened before during fan remakes several times before, such as Konami cracking down on the fan remake of the original Metal Gear. Though some cease and desists have better outcomes, as the Resident Evil 2 fan remake was shut down by CAPCOM and then the creators were invited to sit down and talk with developers at the company about an official remake, which we saw released to critical and community success earlier this year. Judging by GamingDamned’s reaction, I’m guessing this isn’t a scenario where we’re going to get an official remaster or remake out of it any time soon.