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‘Warlander’ Getting a Release Date This Week

  • Announcement expected on February 13th.
  • Coming to Steam.
  • Slice, Die, Repeat.


Developer Clock Drive Games have teased that they will announce the release day for their upcoming action adventure RPG title Warlander this Thursday, on the 13th of February. Warlander is expected to release sometime in early 2020 on PC via Steam, and they’ve been leading up to this moment with several developer blogs showing the progress of their upcoming game.

Warlander aims to allow players to wreak vengeance as they maneuver through a procedurally generated dark fantasy world. The developers aim to provide players a different take on stamina-based combat. Players will battle in arenas with interactive environments, aiming to provide players with one-of-a-kind playthroughs. Gameplay is described as Dark Souls meets Slay the Spire, with the mechanics of rogue-like adventures. You’ll get to play as a resurrected hero, one that is on a quest for vengeance. Combat places an emphasis on slicing your enemies with precise aim.

As you move further along in your journey, you’ll become more skillful and stronger. Abilities will allow you to take advantage of your environment, turning elements of them into deadly weapons. There are more ways than one to slice your enemies. Sacrificing enemies will appease the ancient god, granting you access to powers based on ancient druidic magic. When you die and respawn, it’ll be at the expense of progress and experience. Other features are as follows:

  • UNIQUE COMBAT SYSTEM: featuring skill-based fights with precise targeting and real-time mesh slicing.
  • PROCEDURALLY GENERATED MAP: where every playthrough is different and every step on the path is unique.
  • INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT: is a battlefield and a weapon. Be observant, think on your feet and use the surroundings to crush your enemies.
  • PATH TO VENGEANCE IS DIFFICULT: as the game becomes increasingly harder as you progress through the world, and your skills will be put to the limit.
  • LIFE HAS NO RERUN: so act like it. Permadeath is real and even though the Old God resurrects you if you die, you start from the beginning.
  • SKILL TREE PROGRESSION: is tied with the game world. Cut your enemies into offerings and sacrifice them to obtain access to different combat powers.

Are you excited for Warlander? Will it scratch that Souls genre itch? What are some upcoming indie titles you’re looking forward to this year, within this genre? I’m excited for Silksong, hopefully we can get a release date soon. To stay up to date on Warlander, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and their official website.