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Xbox Game Pass October 2019

  • Something for everyone.
  • Games join Game Pass throughout the month.
  • The Outer Worlds included on launch day.


Another month, another round of games to come to Xbox users who take part in the Xbox Game Pass program. This month sees a swath of games beginning from October 3rd and wrapping up on October 25th. There’s something for everyone this month, and intentional or not, these games are all somewhat fitting of the month of Halloween. A lot of different inspirations for costumes if nothing else.

The new additions to Game Pass kick things with Dishonored 2, an adventure game with a heavy emphasis on stealth and exploration that combines freedom of movement and creative combat into an experience that allows players to play it their way. It continues the story of Corvo and Emily after the events of the first game and delves deeper into the overarching lore behind the series.

October 10th drops World War Z and Yooka-Laylee onto players. The former is a co-operative zombie experience with massive hordes of zombies, spread through different regions across the world. It’s fun when you can play it with friends, but falls flat when playing with random people or alone with AI. Yooka-Laylee is a spiritual successor to the Banjo Kazooie games, although the final product left critics and audiences feeling mixed on the whole ordeal.

October 17th brings around three new games including a brand new release. Felix the Reaper is a quirky puzzle game with a dancing take on death. That might be something that sounds groovy to people out there. The other two games are older titles, but welcome as Fallout: New Vegas and a relic from the past Panzer Dragoon Orta land on Game Pass as well. If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing either of those two and you have Game Pass, I definitely suggest checking them out, as they’re true classics.


Wrapping up the month is the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, The Outer Worlds. We’ve covered The Outer Worlds several times over recent months as new information and gameplay comes to light. It makes bold promises to take players on a journey where every choice large and small matters and will impact the system in which the game takes place, while allowing players to play the game their way. It also found itself as one of the games at the center of the distribution war ongoing between Steam and Epic Games Store as Epic Games managed to lock it into a year long deal to keep it off of Steam.

Are you a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass? Are any of the games coming to the program this month any that might make you consider checking it out?


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  1. Between this and the Epic exclusivity the sellouts at Obsidian are doing quite well for themselves.

    • I’ve never had my hype for a game killed as fast as with Outer Worlds. When the one year Epic store exclusivity was announced, I was so disappointed. I’ve wanted a New Vegas style RPG for years now. Then I finally get it only for T2 to rip it away from me.

      Words can’t describe how much I truly despise Epic’s business practices. Fortnite quite literally is ruining PC gaming by funding their awful practices.

      • Epic have their role to play in all this, but it’s ultimately the developer’s choice to sell them exclusivity. This is why I choose to boycott any dev that does that even if the game is available on consoles.

  2. BlahBlahblah oh you wanted my name blah blah blah it start with a J on October 3, 2019 at 6:34 pm said

    As always, journalists can’t just state the facts… How hard is it to make a chart with each game and each release date ?!!

    The point of this article is to tell us “this game will be available at this date” and I had to google search the date of Outer Worlds because it was unclear.

    First line “wraps up on the 25th of October”
    Last paragraph “and this will end with Outer Worlds”
    Why not make a full-on riddle instead ?

    So yeah, once I Googled it I could say “hum okay, it was kind of in the article” but I had to Google it nonetheless.

    I can’t tell you how many times an article talking about the release of a title FORGETS to include it in the article !

    We want news, you want to use a ton of pointless words to feel smart. Can’t we find a middle ground ? Just put the chart at the end if you want the illusion that people read all your awesome words ! But please stop hiding the information in the middle of your boring prose.

  3. Well it looks to be a good month for Gamepass. You didn’t mention if any of these were coming to PC as well. I think The Outerworlds will be on both so I’m not sure which platform I’ll use but it’s going to be via gamepass one way or the other for me.

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