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‘Yakuza: Like a Dragon’ Details Party Chat, Tug-Tugs, and More

  • Yakuza 7 finally releases in Japan tomorrow.
  • One of the biggest titles from the developers.
  • Photo Mode confirmed.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon releases tomorrow in Japan for PlayStation 4, sometime in 2020 for the US and Europe, and Sega has released more information about the title. These new details center around the Tug-Tug, Crest Collection, Party Chat, and Smartphone Camera gameplay elements. There is a demo available, if you’d like to try Yakuza 7 before it releases. A special thank you to Gematsu for translating the information.

Throughout the city, players will come across individuals that provide a special service called Tug-Tug. Should a player decide they would like to receive a Tug-Tug, they will receive many star bonuses such as HP Recovery, MP recovery, or benefits to Ichiban Kasuga’s Life Experience. Now, the example given is a woman in a dress offering the player a Tug-Tug, which is said to be expensive. When you know what’s legal in Japan, and what’s not, I think we can all assume what a Tug-Tug is.

JRPGs are known for always have various collectibles for players to find. Yakuza 7 is no different. Scattered across the city are crests from the Tojo Clan, and they’re scattered because of their issues with the Omi Alliance. They can be found in bushes, on sidewalks, and in other locations. You’re tasked with collecting them by Kamurop, Kamurocho’s mascot character, and it’s his hope they don’t end up in the wrong hands. Bringing these crests to Kamurop will allow you to trade them for exclusive items not found anywhere else.

Yakuza 7 looks to make traveling around the city more enjoyable by allowing party members to chat with one another. Dialogue from this Party Chat feature will depend on what Kasuga is going, the time of day, where you happen to be, and who is in your party. One of the best aspects of JRPGs is the banter between party members, and it’s nice that Yakuza 7 will also implement this feature. You’ll get to discover new dialogues as you and your party travel across the city.

In Yakuza 7, you’ll have a cellphone with a camera. This camera will allow you to use this title’s version of Photo Mode. You’ll be able to take pictures and apply filters. These filters include classic alterations, such as a Monotone color scheme, a Sepia edit, and Toy Camera. When taking selfies, players can change Kasuga’s facial expressions, and photos already taken can have edits done to them. At any point, you can go into the Album section of your cellphone to view the photos you’ve taken.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is here, and it looks to take the series to new heights. The combat system looks fantastic, the side activities are wacky, and the summons are over the top. In a time where games are trying to be Hollywood films, it’s nice that some developers are still focused on making fun games. You can read all of our Yakuza coverage here. To stay up to date, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, and Sega on Twitter and Facebook.

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